Saturday, September 22, 2018

Friday Five: Fall Favorites

Helloooooo everybody! I bring you another Friday Five. I had every intention of doing this every week but then missed last week because of the craziness of going to Ohio for the weekend last minute and it got away from me. But I am here with a new Friday Five today featuring my Fall Favorites since it is technically the first day of Fall today.

Let me start with a little disclaimer. I don't like Fall... I am a summer girl, through and through. I don't love pumpkins. I don't love oversized sweaters. I don't love the browns and oranges and mustard yellow colors. I don't love Halloween. I don't like the cold weather. I can hear you all gasping from here. But I can respect those of you that do love those things and I am happy for you that it is fall because I know how much joy my favorite season, summer, brings to me. One thing I do love about fall is that with fall comes the anticipation of the holidays. It is taking everything in me to not start pinning Christmas decor too soon. Must. Not. Peak. Too. Soon. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite fashion finds for fall that I think you will love:

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5 Sweaters: I'm loving puff sleeves like this and I'm loving the speckled trend right now!
5 Skirts: I'm loving the windowpane plaid patterns and this style and color is so classy!
5 Pairs of Shoes: I need a pair of black booties and I've got a crush on these!
All of these beautiful fall finds are on sale for 40% off now through Sunday so buy yo'self somethin' nice! What trends are you loving for fall? My mom is predicting velour sweat suits are coming back and I'm like PLEASE NO!! Can we all make a pact to never let that happen ever again?

xoxo, Chelan

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Airbnb Round 3!

If you've been following our dramatic saga of Airbnb mishaps, you already know that we were kicked out of our first reservation days before Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas. It was all super dramatic and unnecessary but it happened, nonetheless. You also know that we fled to Ohio to spend the weekend with family and that was a treat, as always. What you may have missed is that when we got back to NC and settled into our new Airbnb for the week, we got to stay there just one night before we were kicked out again! Why? Because it flooded... Queue the worst Monday ever.

When we left our Airbnb in the morning it was still raining but the house was dry. We ran into a few washed out roads and had to navigate around them to get to the clinic. After dropping Parker off at about 8 AM, I had a couple of errands to run before I headed home. Whilst running errands (and going to 4 different stores to find what I needed bc everything was sooooo picked over in preparation for the storm) I had a mishap with Aunt Flo that I will spare you the details of but I will say that I was highly emotional and it was not the best way to start out my day. Once that was taken care of and I finally found what I was looking for all over the Triangle, I headed back to the Airbnb at about 9:30 AM. It had stopped raining and the sun was starting to shine through the clouds so it looked like my day was going to turn around, right? Wrong.

I opened the door to our room and noticed that the carpet was a little splotchy and it hadn't been before. I took my first step into the room and *squish*. Water. Everywhere. All of our suitcases were on the floor and open so the tops and bottoms were wet. No one else was home. Parker wasn't answering his phone because he was in the clinic. I was panicked! Not to mention that Aunt Flo makes me a crazy person. I Facetimed my dad because what else do you do in a crisis? But he was on his way to work, not to mention in Canada so he couldn't do much to help me other than to tell me that it would be alright (which really was very helpful, by the way. Thanks, Dad!).

Luckily, the lady we were staying with actually was home and she happened to wake up shortly after that so I let her know about what was happening. She was MUCH more helpful and apologetic than the last Airbnb owner which was a nice change. She offered to put us up in a hotel or help us find a new Airbnb. We ended up simply getting a refund from her and then I packed up our stuff again and headed to the library to find us a new place to stay.

I'm happy to report that we have spent two nights, incident free, at our new place and it is warm AND DRY! The owner is nice, this place is beautiful, and I am ready to move on to the next rotation.

Someone shared this quote on their Instagram story recently and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Monday morning I had a moment where I thought, “I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” as I sat there and cried. Lots of bad things have happened in the last month. But lots of good things have happened, too, and I’m trying my hardest to focus on those good things otherwise I’ll surely lose my mind. What’s something happy that has happened to you recently? I need some happy news!

And a huge thank you to all of you who have prayed for us and offered to help in some way when we were nervous about the hurricane turned bad rainstorm. It's been a beautiful reminder of all of the amazing people in our lives and we are oh so grateful. 

xoxo, Chelan

Monday, September 17, 2018

Smell Fresh Before, During, and After your Sweat Sesh with Gain!

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Teaching dance, exercising, and just living in a humid climate mean one thing: sweat, and lots of it. Gross, I know but it’s simply my reality and it means we are always doing laundry. Introducing Gain Fresh Water Sparkle™ scented products exclusively at Dollar General.

The one thing I look for with laundry products is the smell - I want my clothes to smell amazing before, during, and after my sweat sessions, and Fresh Water Sparkle™ scented Gain products deliver that freshness for 6 weeks, from wash to wear!

Go to Dollar General TODAY to pick up these fresh smelling Gain products and don't forget to click on the below photo to get a sweet deal! 

My laundry regimen consists of three products:

Gain flings!™ laundry pods 
These are the easiest lil things you ever did see! You simply toss one in before your clothes (add another for larger loads) and you are on your way to delicious smelling clothes. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the scent will rub off onto your hands and you’ll get little whiffs after you put the laundry in and it’s like a little sniff of heaven while you’re waiting for the laundry to finish ;).

Gain fireworks!™ in-wash scent booster

These may be my favorite product out of the three… simply because they give the laundry that extra boost of scent. It means I can go into my workouts confident that my gear smells good and I can leave knowing my clothes STILL smell good!

Gain Liquid Fabric Enhancer/Softener

I chose this third product because not only does it, again, smell amazing, but it fights static and leaves your clothes feeling softer than before. Static drives me nuts and I'm all about comfortable clothes these days so this one was a no-brainer.

Be sure to pick up some of these incredible Gain products from Dollar General so you can have incredibly smelling clothes no matter how active (or not) you are. The more products you combine, the better your clothes, gym/dance bag, and home will smell!

Happy laundering! ;)

xoxo, Chelan

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Homeless in a Hurricane

As you probably have all heard by now, hurricane Florence is making its way to the Carolinas. Parker and I are currently in North Carolina while he's doing a rotation at UNC in Chapel Hill. At first, we didn't really think it was a big deal because we are about 3 hours from the coast and we heard that the most we had to worry about was lots of wind and rain with possible power outages here and there. The bigger the hurricane became the more frantic people around us became and the longer the lines at the grocery stores and gas stations became. The first moment I realized that this may be a bigger deal than I originally thought was when I was at Walmart and people were going nuts. There was no water available and the shelves were super picked over. So many people scrambling to prepare for the worst.

Last night we got an email from Airbnb saying that our itinerary for our current reservation had changed. We were being refunded for the rest of our stay and our new check out date/time was the next morning at 11 am. Not even 24 hours notice. We are literally homeless in a hurricane.

This morning after dropping Parker off at the hospital, I packed up all of our belongings and loaded the car. The girl we were staying with didn't say anything to us about any of this. She and I were in the same room for much of the morning while I was getting ready to go and she didn't even acknowledge my existence. The way it's been handled has been so unprofessional. I may or may not have closed the door a little forcefully on my way out.... whoops?

With nowhere to go today, I'm spending my time at the local library where I can blog, watch some shows, read, and apply to some more jobs (because the job search never ends...). We are hopeful that Parker will be able to get the rest of the week off as the rest of the students do so we can flee to the safety of Ohio to stay with family. Luckily, we have lined up a place to stay next week for the rest of this rotation and then we can move on to the next one. Hopefully, this new place doesn't flood or get blown away in the storm!
I wanted to share a few more of the details here just so I can get this all written out. It's been a pretty crazy few days and I'm sure we'll laugh about this someday down the road. I kind of already am because I'm so shocked! But we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers! If you are in the Carolinas or Virginia, stay safe <3.

xoxo, Chelan