Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How We Wore It | Spring Sleeves

This month's How We Wore It post is all about sleeves and SPRING! Bell Sleeves and bell bottoms, for me! I love 3 things about this outfit:

1. The flared jeans. I never thought I would be into the flared jeans look after they went out of style but they are coming back and I'm in love! 

2. Bell sleeves make me feel all sorts of girly and feminine and beautiful. 

3. I also am loving color. I've always loved wearing bright and bold colors - I get that from my mom - sometimes I've felt like I need to wear neutrals and only neutrals because that's what's popular but I'm feeling the color right now! This sweater was one of my favorites over the holidays but I'm really loving it for spring, too! But alas, the first day of Spring is a total crock because we woke up to a few inches of snow..... I don't want to talk about it. 

Be sure to check out how my friends are featuring their Spring sleeves via the links below!

This spot is usually very secluded which is why I take photos here almost every time but someone just walked by and it was so awkward! 

Pants: Gap

Some other bell sleeve options I'm loving!


  1. Man, this outfit would look awful on me, and you. look. absolutely GORGEOUS. Perfect!

  2. You could totally pull it off! Thank you so much <3