Thursday, September 22, 2016

How We Wore It | The First of Fall

After another month of missing, (whoops) we are back at it again! And back to Fall already. Whaaat? How did that happen so fast! I can't believe that we've almost been at this How We Wore It stuff for an entire year.

When I got called as Young Women's president, my wonderful mother texted me and said that every Young Women's president needs a new dress and told me to pick something out (cause she's awesome like that). I'd been eyeing pretty much all the dresses from Shop Stevie, but this one especially. First of all, it looked so comfortable - which it totally is. Second, it looked not hot or tight - which it's not. Third, it has a ruffle - give me alllll the ruffles! Fourth, the color is perfect for fall and the style is perfect for this weird transitional stage we are in here in Ohio. It's still like 30 degrees celsius +humidity but it's like, supposed to be fall, but it's not...

So we focused on the colors in this post which allowed us all freedom with how many layers/how warmly we wanted to dress. And this dress was perfect. Light and airy while still giving off a fall-ish vibe. I don't love wearing browns, mustard yellow, or oranges so the olive green is the perfect fall color for me. Love the olive green! It's such a pretty, calming color to me! What's your favorite fall color to wear?

Dress: Shop Stevie

Shoes: Old Navy

Earrings and necklace: gifts.

Be sure to check out how my beautiful friends wore it!

Happy Fall Y'all! 
P.S. This post is not to be interpreted as me loving fall. Because in all honesty, I don't like it at all. Summer ending is always and forever a tragedy. xoxo, Chelan

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